Artisan Wellness

I came to be a massage therapist through conversations with my own massage therapist and chiropractor. I would always ask "Why?" and "How?" they did the things they did, and then one day I asked one of them what was involved in becoming a MT. I wasn't thinking of myself, just curious, but she told me a little about the process and asked me if I wanted to do it. I stopped and thought and said, "Maybe I do." It was one of the best decisions of my life.

hiking in the NC mountains

I am a mom to an elementary aged son, here in Cary. Along with my husband and son I love to go hiking and biking as often as my schedule allows. We love camping in the mountains, and spending time outdoors. I garden, dabble in any number of crafting hobbies, pretend to play guitar and ukulele from time to time. I am a little bit of a sci-fi geek, a science nerd, and often times an unrepentant dork.

I believe that wellness comes from living a balanced and healthy life, but I also believe that the definition of balanced and healthy varies greatly from individual to individual, and family to family. I do my very best to meet people where they are in their journeys through life and not judge or impose my own beliefs or experiences on others. Little good can come from trying to force change where it is unwelcome or when the recipient is not yet ready.

Training and Education:

I studied at Body Therapy Institute (BTI) which is a nationally recognized massage therapy school located in Siler City NC. I completed the 660 hour diploma program at BTI in October of 2014, and obtained my North Carolina LMBT license in November of that year.

I obtained a Level 1 certification as a Reiki practitioner from Reiki Master William Young in November 2014, and Level 2 certification in May 2015 from Reiki Master Karin Elizabeth.

I recently completed a Medical Massage program, taught by Ralph Stephens. The 63 hour program focuses on common pathologies, postural syndromes, and conditions in key regions of the body. This gentle and effective method of treating dysfunction provides even more effective pain relief and improved healing for my clients.

I plan to pursue continuing education that will allow me to expand my treatment options through specialized training to work with infants and children, as well as more in depth study of both energy modalities and medical massage.

I hold a membership with Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).