Artisan Wellness


Your privacy is very important to me. I work to ensure that all records are kept in a secure manner, and will never disclose your personal or medical information unless required to do so by law.

Personal Relationships:

While it is certainly my desire to create a personal experience for each client, I believe that extending the therapist relationship to personal or social situations is difficult for both the therapist and client. Issues of confidentiality and professionalism become cloudy in these situations. Therefore I avoid developing new friendships with clients.

Sexual contact or language between client and therapist is both unethical and illegal. I will consider any such action by either party to be grounds for termination of the professional relationship. If you feel that you have experienced inappropriate sexual contact in any way, please bring it to my attention as soon as possible so that we can ensure the protection of everyone’s safety, comfort, and rights.


Before each session, we will discuss the session plan, techniques to be used, and any draping or contact that may be of concern for you. You have the right to know what treatments you will receive, as well as the right to refuse any part of the treatment for any reason and at any time. Communication is key to the success of the therapeutic relationship, so please feel free to ask questions and express your opinion about any part of your experience.